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Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
of the young people who have these guns in the city. we've been covering. >> we have. >>> we may never know the why behind this tragedy, but we do know that the shooter's mental health was an issue. many who knew him knew something wasn't quite right but never imagined something this tragic would happen. dr. kathy katz is at the georgetown university medical center and joins us to talk a bit more about mental health. it's a conversation that we don't typically have unless there is some sort of unfortunate tragedy like the one that has befallen the newtown community. i guess people are wondering how do you intervene if someone you love or son you know or someone you suspect has mental illness? >> i think fortunately in the washington area, we do have a variety of resources for getting help. certainly in the schools with young people, school age children and adolescence, conversations with teachers, with school psychologists can be helpful and getting referrals from them. with young adults, certainly you would contact your physician or call one of the major medical centers where we have depar
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
on saturday, with temperatures in the 30s. some of this will melt, but especially north and west of the city it is going to stick. then in the afternoon the showers clear out and we'll turn partly cloudy, 35 to 40. winds out of the north at 10 to 15. you can see in the green mostly rain but a wintry mix throughout the beltway and points south and east, then the snow all north and west of the beltway. over the next three days after we clear out of our yellow alert day on saturday, it will be okay on sunday, though chilly and breezy with a high of 40. monday, new year's eve, looks like the best day of the week with a high of 44 and partly cloudy skies. seven-day outlook. new year's day, another chance for a snow shower or rain shower but no accumulation on new year's day. no travel concerns there. but then it gets bitterly cold with temperatures in the 30s for your afternoon highs later on that week. does not look very pleasant. i guess it's good weather to head back to work for people who have been off. >> well, it is january, or it will be. >> it will be, that's right. >>> coming up, for the
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >>> still ahead on 9 news one city takes a bold stance on distracted driving. you won't believe what residents are not allowed to do now. >> and rover says move over. these pooches put the pedal to the metal, oh, yeah. it just gets better around here, folks. first the queen, now driving dogs. >>> we have some new tricks for some old dogs in new zealand. a charity has taught these guys how to drive just to show how smart they are. the training began with simple movements. they used mock gears and then the dogs got in a real car with a trainer beside them. i know, it looks crazy, right? but now the animals can start. see how she's commanding him? they can steer and everything. i don't know how they do a red light. >> my dog just hangs out the window, wow. >> that is something. >>> over the last few years 39 states including washington d.c. have enacted laws banning texting while driving. >> now one city says you better put down that burger as well. a new law in south carolina prohibits eating and driving, putting on makeup while driving also can get you in trouble. fines are as high as
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
: this woman didn't need another reminder that the city, the country can be very dangerous places. d.c. knows gun violence and obviously there's some neighborhoods that are more familiar than others. this is 13th and congress street in southeast and according to one report, in the past decade alone, at least 17 people have been shot dead in this area. >> i wa the president, senate, congress, i want our leaders to close the gun show loophole. i want a lot of changes to come about to save innocent lives. >> reporter: carradine jeffreys 16-year-old daughter was shot and killed on south capital street in 2010. one of five young people killed in a chain of events that began with a stolen fake bracelet. >> it's hard to hold up. my daughter's birthday is december 23rd and it's really difficult. >> reporter: when she talks about the 20 children killed at the elementary school, she speaks with a mother's pain. >> their children will not be there to open christmas gifts and celebrate birthdays. just like mine will no longer be able to do. >> reporter: now we should point out that homicides are way down
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4